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Germany is, along with other countries like the Netherlands or Denmark, one of the most cyclist-friendly destinations in Europe. Italians, French and Spaniards may be keen cycling fans, but to appreciate how cycling can turn into a way of life you must (I say that with immense regret, as you can imagine), leave behind those latin countries. During my tour I never had to look hard to find images that could serve to illustrate this fact, as I hope you'll be able to see in this page.
But what about beer? -You may ask. There was plenty, I assure you... You won't see much baroque here either, but hey... this is a cycling page after all.

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kids wearing helmets  toddler with old man

Goliath's House bikes and boat in Weltemburg-1 bikes and boat in Weltemburg-2 fountain with flowers

cyclist chatting on town square kids sitting on a fountain pedestrian crossing market stall and wall painting