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Summer 2010: Camino de Santiago

As you can see by clicking on the link above, the pictures of this year's trip, to Santiago de Compostela, in northern Spain, have been published for the time being on a very user friendly site of photo hosting. As you'll be able to see all of them in this way, I'm sure you won't complain.

On the other hand, this domain has changed  host recently, on account of the fact  that I was having more and more trouble updating it, as if not being able to go on cycling trips all these years wasn't enough. 

I've been uploading (most) of the old files back but it's still a work in progress.

In addition, you may have a look at a couple of photo albums (here are the link to the first one and the second), courtesy of those aforementioned more user friendly sites, where you can find lots of more recent pictures that I took on those trips when I left my bicycle at home.

Thank you for your appreciation.



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