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Marco Guizzardi

Many Thanks to Nadia from Parma, for the beautiful photo (well, she certainly did the best she could, no question about that)

Just in case you're curious to know more about MGCP, here's the full FAQ list (the most comprehensive you can find, anyway: just ask around...) along with some facts and figures about its author:

Location of MGCP - In S. Agata Bolognese, near Bologna, Italy.
By the way, visit my new page on
Cycling around home.

Other things worth mentioning in S. Agata Bolognese aside from MGCP : - The Lamborghini Automobili car factory. (Which explains the bicycle...).

My date of birth - On 26 October 19?? the Y2K bug may have been a dud, but my date-of-birth bug is for real... You can still guess my age from the picture, I'll only be more flattered by your guess with every day that goes by... at least until I replace the photo with a more recent one...

My bicycle(s) -I have a Colnago Master (vintage 1989) road bike, and a Cannondale touring bike (this should say something about the bilingual character of this page).

What else? Recently I've taken up sailing, a more suitable way (perhaps) to visit places like Croatia, the Greek Islands, Sardinia, Corsica and the Eolian Islands. Other travels with means... outside the scope of this site have included Spain, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Israel. 

In the highly improbable case that this failed to fully satisfy your
curiosity, remember that you can always write to me at the
E-MAIL: marcoguiz@



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